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Part 1 of WEBCON BPS review by Michael Greth: building workflows


Influencer Michael Greth reviews WEBCON BPS


German influencer Michael Greth introduces WEBCON BPS to broader audience in a series of videos. Part one explores workflow creation, illustrated by a gift acceptance process, presented by Philipp Brzezicki with Vater Gruppe.

Business processes are still one of the top themes in SharePoint. To shed more light on the topic, Michael Greth, a well-known speaker, author, consultant and trainer for Microsoft SharePoint Technologies prepared a series of videos in collaboration with WEBCON.

The first interview in the series features Philipp Brzezicki with Kiel-based Vater Gruppe. It demonstrates how to implement concrete scenarios in workflows, based on a simple gift acceptance process. The new approach to business applications delivery, with no deployment time, is enabled by Instant Change™ technology.

See how dynamic changes are introduced to ongoing workflow instances, with instant results.