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no-code enterprise RAD platform

Reduce time and risk of application delivery with itterative, agile and no-code approach, to improve core business process effectiveness by 50%.

Unlike low-code Rapid Application Development tools that focus only on initial deployment of departmental solutions, WEBCON BPS allows to effectively support all business processes - from departmental to mission critical.

No-code applications built with the platform are made for change and can be effortlessly adapted to frequently changing business requirements thanks to the unique InstantChangeTM technology.

With the focus on change management, flexibility, ease of ongoing maintenance and scalability, WEBCON BPS is meant to become organization's primary business application platform ensuring standardization and full control of company's application portfolio

Access our trial environment or download free WEBCON BPS Express and see how WEBCON BPS helps you to become an IT superhero.


When designing WEBCON BPS we were thinking not only about IT departments, but also about end-users. 

Users love applications that are easy to learn and help them in their day-to-day work. WEBCON BPS offers intuitive personal productivity tools that make users’ work more effective. The happier they are, the more they ask for.

Create BPM applications people love to use.
What really matters to end users of any IT system supporting business processes in the company, is how useful the system is in their daily work, how transparent it is, whether the interface is intuitive and whether it is easy to search for documents and tasks.

WEBCON BPS goes far beyond that, providing end-users with personal productivity tools for Microsoft Outlook and Word and mobile applications for iOS, Android and Windows devices. All of that available out of the box - so you can create a convenient digital workspace for every employee in your company.


An interface is usually the first thing that employees see after introduction of a new suite. If it’s bad, they simply wouldn’t want to use it. Will either struggle with it or try to perform their duties outside of a system. In both cases it results in implementation failure as it won’t make work any easier or more efficient.
Of course organization with freshly implemented BPMS can perform trainings, start an information campaign etc. But first of all: it will; second of all: it does not guarantee a success. Plus, if you imagine running trainings for a company with +10 000 employees you come to realization it obviously does not make any sense.
Typically, when it comes to choosing BPMS people usually take into consideration factors like: functionality, customization, integration, reporting, price etc. They mainly aim to match requirements of business users, management and IT department. But even if all of those people are satisfied, project can fail. Why?

Implementation of even the most functional and reliable suite can fail when user’s interface is crude, unintuitive and slow. Decision makers have to be aware that not everyone in their organization is a tech savvy. Therefore some employees are used to use certain tools on daily basis, like Word or Excel, but have very limited knowledge on what else is out there.

Woodrow Wilson famously said: ‘If you want to make enemies, try to change something’. Implementation of a BPMS usually brings changes in a way of how people work. The main reason of any BPMS implementation is to make work easier and more efficient. Or is it?
What makes a good interface then?
  • simplicity – a good interface in not overloaded with options and information
  • intuitiveness – user knows what to do on every stage of a process
  • homogeneity – interface stays (almost) the same, no matter in which process user takes part
  • guidance – BPMS should help users perform their duties. Things like short instructions, tooltips, automatic data filling etc. are usually helpful

Which interface is the best? The one that does not require any trainings. The one that allows employees with very little (or even none) experience with computers use a system properly. The one that will significantly reduce amount of work for help desk, especially in trivial matters.

An investment in a BPMS with proper interface can save tons of money in the future.

Do you agree?
Proper BPM system not only streamlines business processes but also faciliate searching through all collected data, including documents, tasks and workflows.
By implementing a BPM system you can organize the way in which business processes are run in your company. WEBCON Business Process Suite effectively informs users about tasks requiring their attention. System can notify directly (e.g. via e-mail or Lync message) or simply display proper information on SharePoint site via one of WEBCON BPS webparts.


Using WEBCON BPS you don't have to be a hostage to custom code anymore. The powerful out-of-the-box features in WEBCON BPS make coding a thing of the past.

No-code means freedom of continuous development, higher security of investment, and delivering more with less. It also means that you can quickly create any business application you need.

Deliver BPM applications faster than ever.
What if you could create advanced business applications within hours rather than weeks? Would it be a game changer for your organization, like it is for our clients?

With WEBCON BPS you can create more applications and maintain them easily. Starting from supportive workflows (like leave request approvals or cost reimbursement) to business critical systems (like product lifecycle management, case management or even full-fledged CRMs) - all of them can be created on a single platform - WEBCON BPS for SharePoint.

With its graphical forms and workflows designer, WEBCON BPS takes care of technology, so you don't have to hold a degree in IT to do amazing business applications in SharePoint.

Do not code. Just click.


In most cases, design and implementation of a complete business applications in our system does not require any additional knowledge of information technologies or programming skills. Depending on customers’ individual preferences and abilities, it is the IT department or Chief Financial Officer’s staff that look after the system and supervise system development.
Business process modeling is carried out in the graphical editor which uses the 'drag and drop' method. This is how the steps of the process and paths between them are created. Integration of WEBCON BPS with external IT systems may obviously require some degree of knowledge of their content, structure and access methods.
WEBCON Business Process Suite provides:
  • A graphical editor to create workflows and forms. It allows to create a comprehensive business process support, define safety parameters and enable solution directly on SharePoint site. The process design is aided by an integrated validation tool and creators which lead you step by step through the process of building new workflows and forms.
  • Constant monitoring of process performance. The fact that you can enter expected values for duration times in subsequent steps at the process definition stage and the availability of SharePoint webparts in the system make it easy to monitor process performance. You can verify current and historical workflow duration in individual steps and by individual employees at any time. As a result bottlenecks can be defined.
  • The ability to effectively modify existing business processes and create new ones. Changes the existing workflows result from modifications of business requirements, alterations in company organizational structure and procedures, or desire to optimize the existing process. With WEBCON BPS allows to implement changes quickly and smoothy ensuring they will not interfere with work performed by end users.
  • Taks delegation and temporary replacement support that result from employees’ planned or unplanned absences.
Microsoft announcement about discontinuation of InfoPath development staggered most of SharePoint experts. With WEBCON BPS you have nothing to be worried about! Advanced forms editor is an integrated part of the system and offers much more than majority of other competing solutions.


We know needs of IT departments. The important thing for our customers is to have a solution that does not require constant maintenance so they can focus on process excellence rather than fight the technology. 

The WEBCON BPS platform is designed to enforce developing future-proof applications so that clients never again have to choose between creating new applications or maintaining older ones.

One platform, endless possibilities.
A proper BPM solution should make it possible to respond to current business needs as well as offer flexibility and open architecture. All that to ensure system can be developed as the existing business needs evolve and new ones emerge.

WEBCON Business Process Suite is a platform verified by companies setting standards in their industries. For years we have worked with business processes of critical importance and that experience is inscribed in our product. Solutions based on WEBCON BPS guarantees security, stability and efficiency.
Remember about these features when choosing your system. Having to withdraw from a wrong investment will cost you much more in case of BPM systems than ERP class solutions. High costs result mainly from the waste of time and the loss of trust IT by end-users.
Key features of WEBCON Business Process Suite as a platform supporting business processes in the company include:
  • Efficiency and scalability resulting from the architecture of the solution featuring its own high-performance workflow engine and a dedicated database (independent of the SharePoint). WEBCON Business Process Suite is an enterprise-class solution thanks to which you can efficiently handle millions of tasks and documents and support thousands of end users. The system architecture allows using multiple SharePoint servers (including independent ones) within the same workflow.
  • Easy, two-way integration with external IT systems at the database level and programming interfaces level. A number of available actions and built-in options for using external sources minimize integration time and cost.
  • Effective workflow and document management administration that provides support for substitutions and task delegation and enables to monitor performance.
  • Full system database availability which means the database architecture is documented and available for reporting. At the same time, in order to simplify entering information stored in the WEBCON BPS system into data warehouses which are often used by our clients, the system automatically creates flat views of current tasks and documents.
Flexibility of BPM system is a key factor determining whether certain solution will be capable of supporting key business processes in a company. In most cases out-of-the-box features offered by WEBCON BPS will be enough to optimize processes without coding. Although some cases will require custom solutions adjusted to client's specific needs. This is where WEBCON BPS SDK comes in handy.