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Even when the stakes are high, your company can run like clockwork. WEBCON BPS ensures a win-win deal: tasks are completed smoothly, and you can focus on what is most important for you. Watch this video to see how!



The knowledge and experience we have gained is imprinted in WEBCON Business Process Suite's code which enables simpler and faster deployment of comprehensive solutions based on a fully configurable graphical system interface. This results not only in lower implementation costs, but also affects adopted implementation methodology by ensuring greater flexibility and ability to respond quickly to changing business demands.

Implementation of a BPM solution is just the starting point for companies which from that point are focused on continous improvement. It is required to gain competetive edge and a role of any BPMS is to enable organization to be as flexible as possible in terms of adapting to quickly changing business reality.

WEBCON Business Process Suite significantly reduces costs of developing the system in the future, since whole configuration is available in  the graphical interface of WEBCON BPS Designer Studio. As a result to implement a change to an existing workflow you do not need to hire a computer programmer, tediously search for the application code or perform similar actions characteristic of the modification of turnkey solutions.

WEBCON Designer Studio was created with the intention to be as user friendly as possible to ensure its usability by all of our clients' IT departments. The aim is to reduce coding to minimum. Good knowledge of the company combined with the possibilities offered by the system result in a significant reduction of system development and maintenance costs in this model.
Thanks to WEBCON Business Process Suite the implementation of the system runs very smoothly and possible changes in the definitions of implemented flows can be made with little effort. What you get as a result is a real possibility to quickly provide business departments with an efficient solution which later can be improved based on end user remarks. The benefit is obvious as the process automation begins shortly after the implementation starts and instantly results in notable savings and benefits.

If the system is to be used by most company staff, choosing a proper platform becomes critically important. If you fail to implement the right solution, withdrawal costs will be further increased by employees’ loss of trust in the system.

Since WEBCON Business Process Suite is a platform proven by companies that are leaders in their industries, choosing the WEBCON solution is only the right decision.
We’re currently dealing with hundreds of regulatory changes each year that require us to evaluate the impact of these changes to critical business processes. Business stakeholders can no longer wait for months to have these changes in place — we’re now being pushed to implement new compliance changes within weeks or even days.

Paul Tazbaz, senior enterprise architect, Wells Fargo


The implementation of WEBCON BUSINESS PROCESS SUITE on the Microsoft SharePoint platform allows to achieve lasting business benefits that will generate competetive advantage and increase value of your company in the long run.
  • improve service and increase client and business partner satisfaction
  • provide the company with flexibility necessary for quick and efficient implementation of organizational and procedural changes
  • continuously improve the existing processes and implement the best practices in the company
  • maximize new employees’ performance while reducing employee turnover risk
  • move tasks to different sections and individual employees so as to minimize labor costs
  • automate tasks in accordance with applicable procedures
  • eliminate document losses and document-related errors.
  • better time and task management
  • easier coordination of issues processed in the organization
  • shorter waiting time for applications to be processed
  • easy access to archival documents and issues
  • carrying out document flow tasks via a mobile interface which makes the problem of facing 'a pile of papers to be signed upon returning from a business trip disappear.


The financial benefits are measurable and quantifiable results of implementing WEBCON Business Process Suite on Microsoft SharePoint platform, which provide direct Return On Investment.

Estimating ROI for business processes and document management based on WEBCON Business Process Suite is based on a combination of indirect (qualitative) and direct benefits. The latter are connected with savings that result directly from the functionality provided by the system.
Savings connected with the system implementation are most commonly sought in the direct economy of work effort connected with how documents and tasks are processed in the company.

A document management system (DMS) will reduce company expenses, which is a direct result of reducing individual employee labor costs. Such costs include wage and non-wage components, including administrative and localization surcharges.

If you compare the overall amount of time and the average time spent by an employee on document work to the total amount of work they perform over a period of one month, you can calculate the costs which the system can help reduce.

As you estimate work effort connected with document-related tasks, you should take the following into account:
  • time spent on document registration (e.g. completing a purchase order)
  • time spent on document review and approval (introducing justification)
  • time spent on document personal collection and archivization
  • time spent on document status verification (finding out if the submitted request has been approved and if it hasn’t, which approval stage it is at).
From the perspective of the existing WEBCON Business Process Suite users, the above times have been reduced by 60% to 85%, depending on workflow type. The benefits are obvious.

The reduction of time spent by each employee on document work is not the only advantage that can be directly linked to financial benefits. Other examples include:
  • automation of activities traditionally performed by staff which allows to save even more time (e.g. automatic monitoring of the financial aspects of dealing with clients which results in automatic applications for changes in credit limits or payment terms)
  • the ability to move the implementation of certain activities from departments with high cost per unit to cheaper places (e.g. moving invoice registration from the accounting department to a document registration point) which results in reduction of fixed costs
  • elimination of document losses and better control over deadlines which results in faster execution of processes and allows you to avoid undesirable financial consequences (e.g. control over deadlines for urgent correspondence with the FSA allows you to avoid financial penalties)
  • saving paper and office supplies due to reduction in paperwork caused by moving request registration to the document flow environment.