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A decision to implement an IT system in the company is based on an economic calculation determining the expected Return On Investment.
The system is easy enough to use, so you might as well do it yourself. Save costs, be fast, keep stakeholders happy.

In the era of digitalization, well-trained IT department is a backbone of every modern organization. Raising competences of personnel that works with information technology and business, often allows for significant savings resulting from lack of necessity to use third party services.

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We take great pride with flexibility offered by our systems and we want you to take full advantage of it. That’s why we’ve created a blog where our experts explain and describe how to solves given business cases and how to configure certain features in WEBCON Business Process Suite.

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Sit back, relax and watch the results of our work.

Using our services ensure top quality of business process optimization and use of WEBCON BPS up to its full potential. It's the safest way to achieve desired outcome in timely manner. Since we use iterative approach, we make sure that you're satisfied with our work at every stage of implementation.
Project are usually divided into 7 steps:
  • Analysis - to discover details of business processes and evaluate requirements
  • System's project - creation of document describing in detail of how implementation is going to be carried out, according to requirements specified in analysis
  • Development - creation of business processes in WEBCON BPS on development environment. Once this phase is done, processes are exported into Client's environment.
  • UAT (User Acceptance Test) - tests of developed solution, carried out by Client with support of WEBCON
  • Implementation - transfer of solution to Client's production environment.
  • PAT (Production Acceptance Test) - Client's test on production environment
  • Documentation - preparation of documentation describing implementation.

All phases of project are carried out using methodology similar to agile methodologies, assuming Client at each and every step has to evaluate the progress and request changes if needed.


Quality of our products and the principles that we honor in business are appreciated not only by our Clients, but also by other IT companies that we cooperate with. Use their services and start optimizing your business processes now.
Along with our Partners we offer software and support of the highest quality and but also business consulting in the field of business process optimization. We believe that our combined experiences and capabilities guarantee successful projects and long-term Clients’ satisfaction.
We seek for companies possesing both technical knowledge and experience. Together with our expertise we want to offer our common clients something more that an ordinary IT system implementation. Our mutual goal is to implement projects aiming at optimizing business processes in companies and institutions.

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