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WEBCON BPS online trial home

Want to see the system live and get a feel of the WEBCON BPS user experience?

We've prepared a zero-installation online trial environment for you with the following workflow applications at your disposal:
  • - employee onboarding,
  • - purchase order,
  • - leave request,
  • - cost approval, 
  • - agreement processing.

A quick, 1 min registration, is all that we ask for.


The best way to discover WEBCON BPS is to start using it and experimenting with your own workflows & forms. 

The fully-functional EXPRESS version of our system is available free of charge with no time limit, for evaluation and productive use, using up to 10 GB of data. It will allow you to create your own business applications and get confident with WEBCON BPS. 

Install WEBCON BPS EXPRESS on top of your existing SharePoint 2013 (Server or Foundation) or 2016 environment and start experiencing the ultimate business management platform today.

WEBCON BPS starter campaign home

Please note the link below will redirect you to the starter.webcon.com website where the system’s installer can be downloaded after registration.


You don’t necessarily need to create workflows from scratch.

We’ve prepared 6, ready-to-use applications that you can download, import and launch in your organization, to automate routine tasks of your IT department

On our Starter website you will get access to: 
  • - Asset management
  • - IT system registry
  • - AD account provisioning
  • - MS Exchange management
  • - Change request processing
  • - Helpdesk & ticketing

The included tutorial videos will show you step-by-step how to get your new workflows going and provide you with ideas on modifications. The beauty of WEBCON BPS is the ease of making changes – so we highly encourage you to adjust the workflows to your needs.