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WEBCON BPS 2017 brings forward plenty of features and improvements that help deliver results even faster than before and adapt to change seamlessly – regardless of whether you are just getting started, or already manage dozens of business applications.
Release date: 2017/10/12

Current build: 2017.1.2.121

In release 2017.1.2 WEBCON BPS brings forward a number of new features and optimizations. The most awaited highlights are:
  • WEBCON BPS Designer Studio and process documentation in German
  • a new type of form field for validating and storing e-mail addresses
  • further improvements for Outlook Add-In
  • synchronization of an individual AD user
  • improved navigation to workflow instances
  • further improvements to business and form rules
  • search-box for functions and operations.

For details, see a comprehensive list of changes introduced in WEBCON BPS 2017 R2.

Try out the latest version yourself!

Launched earlier this year, WEBCON BPS 2017 introduced plenty of brand new features and improvements to help deliver results even faster than before and adapt to change seamlessly. The complete list was extensive, and here are just the key changes and novelties:
  • brand new form rules engine for defining form behavior – rule formation does not require JavaScript proficiency, the rules themselves are easy to handle, transparent, and reusable
  • further improvements to the business rules engine – enhanced functionality and additional convenience for the tool, that has become the go-to method of defining behavior logic behind applications created in WEBCON BPS
  • complete overhaul of data source management – integration with external systems is simplified, emphasis has been placed on making configuration elements reusable and understandable even to technical laymen
  • new form creation possibilities for SharePoint and mobile applications – now offering enhanced flexibility, with no loss on the part of standardization and ease of maintenance
  • simplified access for external users in B2B scenarios – with new authentication applications built with WEBCON BPS, using Google, LinkedIn and other providers
  • dynamic e-mail notification preview
  • central user management panel – BPS user list
  • export/import mechanism expanded
  • improved configuration compatibility verification
  • new possibilities within Outlook
  • corporate process language
  • column visibility and order in Data Table and Data Row fields
  • centralized installation of add-ins for Word and Outlook
  • AM/PM time format.