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When properly implemented, Microsoft SharePoint
becomes a commonly used team work environment and a solid foundation for the intranet, dedicated applications and third party SharePoint solutions


  • all documents, forms, surveys and questionnaires will be stored in one place divided into thematic areas
  • the flow of documents as well as their analytical description and approval (provided by SharePoint workflow) will be carried out in accordance with the rules and procedures observed in the company in an end-user-friendly environment 
  • access to documents will be consistent with the company's organizational structure and individual employees’ authorizations
  • fast and simple searching for documents and information,
  • any document processed by a group of employees will use mechanisms taking care of its integrity and validity
  • history of each saved document will be remembered and the system will notify designated employees of any change, update or novelty
  • a separate page will be created for each carried out project to monitor performed activities and manage work progress
  • thematic discussion lists related to carried out projects can be a place of the emergence of innovative ideas and solutions
  • access to calendars and employees’ tasks will make it easier to manage their work time and task execution
  • full integration with Microsoft Office will support mobile work as calendars, contacts, tasks or lists of documents can be synchronized
  • the intranet interface can be adjusted to the company’s requirements and standards.


Apart from the above advantages, a platform based on Microsoft SharePoint enables you to integrate personal solutions consistent with the specific character of your company’s activity. Then usually there is a need to create dedicated applications. However in most cases it requires a lot of time and financial resources.

Microsoft SharePoint implementations
But it doesn’t have to be like that. WEBCON Business Process Suite ensures capability of making workflows that would have the same level of functionality as dedicated applications! Words of Jacek Kujawa – the vice president of the biggest Polish clothing company (LPP S.A.) are the best testimonial in that matter:

- ‘[Due to implementation of WEBCON BPS] we got a solution that is crafted to our needs just like any turnkey project, but at the same time easy to manage, develop and modify in the future. Therefore cost saving and offering high return on investment.’

As reality shows, many of WEBCON clients who previously had dedicated applications based on SharePoint transfers its functionalities into WEBCON Business Process Suite. It brings benefits easy to spot right away, such as: one, homogenous interface for all users, ability to make modification quickly and easily or a need to maintain just one platform.
With WEBCON Business Process Suite you can:
  • make CRM solutions within SharePoint
  • integrate with Business Intelligence
  • integrate with Microsoft Project and carry out (along with reporting) project tasks just like in case of regular workflows
  • display progress, vacation charts, documents as a Gantt chart
  • make solutions crafted to your specific needs
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