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How BPM systems support
the services industry
One of the challenges of the service sector is that the product is intangible. As a result, clients determines its quality by the results, which may not always be immediate. The challenge is to encourage clients to trust that you will deliver, and to their satisfaction.

With WEBCON BPS, the product of service companies is safeguarded, with special attention to time efficiency and customer satisfaction. The system can efficiently manage the very core of the service sector, i.e. human resources, and the related processes of the employee lifecycle.

With the Rapid Application Development platform WEBCON BPS, service companies can operate in unison between systems, departments and branches, for genuine integration. With back office process automation and streamlined management in place, cost reduction and maximizing profit is a realistic scenario, and not just a promise.

With WEBCON BPS, service companies can create any industry-specific solutions that radically change their day-to-day operation for the better, for example: 
  • Cross-sectoral service delivery – apart from logistic services, one of WEBCON’s clients provides also management of the entrusted goods in the outsourcing model, which builds their marketing edge

See below for examples of WEBCON BPS workflows that support the departments of service companies to provide top class services on a daily basis:
  • Investment planning, approval, management & monitoring
  • Debt recovery
  • Acceptance processing
  • Business trips
  • Managing fixed assets
  • Purchasing and sales invoicing processes
  • Cash flow approval
  • Invoice processing
  • Internal accounting communication
  • Attendance
  • Leave requests
  • Managing employee lifecycle
  • Perks and bonuses
  • Retirement plans
  • Access management
  • IT hardware/software/license ordering process.

See the service companies that have made WEBCON their partner in digital transformation.