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How BPM systems support
the retail industry
Processes related to the various aspects of retail and e-commerce go literally in hundreds. The flywheel of the sector is customer service, which needs to be top-class, regardless of the merchandise.

With WEBCON BPS-based workflows, retail companies can operate in unison between systems, departments and branches, for genuine integration. The system handles processes related to retail and e-commerce in their entirety, with the focus on cost-efficiency and customer satisfaction. With back office process automation and streamlined management in place, this is a realistic scenario, and not just a promise.

With WEBCON BPS, the companies in the retail sector can create any context-specific workflow, which radically changes their day-to-day operation for the better, for example:
  • Opening new shops – one of WEBCON’s clients streamlines the process of opening new facilities in shopping centers, from negotiating with the facility operator, to designing and realizing its layout, to stocking the goods and recruiting the staff, and finally, to the grand opening.
  • Employee turnover – a client tackles the challenge of managing human resources using WEBCON BPS workflows. They allow them to keep track of e.g. lay-offs, new hires and absences.
  • Mystery shopping – one of our clients monitors the quality of their service using WEBCON BPS to process the standard assessment cards filled in by the contracted mystery shoppers
  • Ticket processing optimization – one of our clients uses WEBCON BPS to optimize the processing of customer claims and requests, with regard to their type, importance and time of submission, to maintain the high level of customer satisfaction
  • Takings control – in retail, the daily turnover comprises a vast number of fairly small transactions; one of our clients uses a WEBCON BPS-based workflow to monitor and account for the daily takings in their shops
  • Internal knowledge database – one retailer uses WEBCON BPS to manage all the company information and resources needed for the day-to-day customer service
  • Invoice processing (all types)
  • Pricing
  • Payment approval
  • Debt recovery
  • Bank credit application & processing
  • Business trips with a complex cost acceptance procedure
  • Task management
  • Employee life cycle
  • Leave requests
  • Employee evaluation
  • New workflow ticketing
  • Troubleshooting
  • Equipment request
  • Correspondence processing
  • Omnichannel Customer Service Process
  • Document and correspondence management process
  • Fleet acquisition, management and disposal

See the retail chains, which have trusted WEBCON to take them to the next level of digital transformation.