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Carrying out projects is not a simple task.
IT support provides higher efficiency, regardless if it's a single project or series of recurring initiatives.


Project management begins with creation of schedule and setting definite, measureable goals. For easier schedule management and introduction of changes it is crucial to define milestones and project products and then assign tasks and create dependences between them.

WEBCON Business Process Suite provides the ability to manage recurring (process like) projects, such as opening retail chain stores. Since version 8.0, the system also supports projects which milestones and schedules are set individually. In this case creation and schedule management is carried out through Microsoft Project (Standard version or higher).


The combination of capabilities provided by Microsoft Project and Microsoft SharePoint with unique WEBCON BPS workflow engine, allows to automatically publish tasks onto project site, where all information about project status is gathered along with documentation. Any project participant can see their tasks in one place along with information about planned time of their execution. It is also possible to inform project manager about progress and possible delays.

The information provided this way is automatically synchronized with project schedule and available to view by project manager within Microsoft Project. There, PM can modify a schedule and tasks in a flexible way, resulting from current project status. All project participants are informed about any changes via e-mail and project site.

Use of WEBCON BPS engine also allows to take advantage of functionalities such a substitutions or delegation of tasks.


Use of functionalities provided by Microsoft Project, allows to track labor costs and load of resources assigned to ongoing project. Thanks to process engine of WEBCON BPS, it is also possible to handle registration of invoices and assignment of costs, resulting from a project. Due to such comprehensive approach, management of cost-efficiency is even easier.


Document management in huge and dispersed project is a major challenge. Use of dedicated project sites within SharePoint and also WEBCON BPS process engine along with modules such as barcodes and OCR, allows to organize all documentation in optimal way.

For dispersed undertakings such as construction projects, it is crucial to be able to define multiple points of document registration and to have mobile access to list of tasks and project documents repository, which is all offered by WEBCON Business Process Suite. Mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets allow not only to view documents, but also for active scanning of documentation (e.g. protocols) with built-in cameras.

WEBCON BPS Collaboration module along with Microsoft Project and SharePoint, allows for efficient and effective project management. It is possible due to:
  • planning and re-planning of project schedule on project site with Microsoft Project
  • automatic publication of schedule and tasks for participants on dedicated project site within Microsoft SharePoint
  • easy reporting on work progress carried out via project site
  • decomposition of project tasks and assigning ad hoc tasks
  • automatic synchronization of project status to schedule in Microsoft Project
  • friendly, homogenous end-user interface that stays the same not only for project tasks but also for processes and workflows
  • combination of data about projects in processes and vice versa, that allow e.g. easy invoice processing and settlement
  • efficient and effective project management
  • transparent and quick reporting on status of investments
  • time savings due to lack of necessity to send notifications, e-mails, make changes in schedule etc.
  • flexibility in making changes in schedule and resource management
  • one, simple interface for end-users
  • optimal control over resources allocation and their usage
  • better document and knowledge management within projects
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