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Novitech a.s.
Moyzesova 58, 040 01 KoŇ°ice
tel. +421/55 3274 111
fax +421/55 6221 043


Novitech is a dynamic company specializing in the development and implementation of large-scale IT systems and architecture, as well as BPM solutions. The company also acts as process and project management consultant. Novitech was established in 1989 and nowadays employs ca. 55 top-class experts. The core of the company covers the entire IT solution life cycle, from requirements specifications, design, prototyping, implementation, deployment to long-term support.

Business area: Slovakia
Partnership with WEBCON: since 2017

The core market segment includes BPM solutions for corporate clients, based on business process innovation technology such as WEBCON BPS. 
Novitech is particularly oriented to IT services/processes provided in the cloud model, in which customers pay only for the services they actually use.