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OPTeam S.A.
36-002 Jasionka, Tajęcina 113. Poland
tel. +48 17 867 21 00
fax +48 17 852 01 38

OPTeam S.A.

OPTeam is an IT company with rich experience originating from the academic years of its founders. Company's offer is mainly addressed to institutional clients. The range of services is a result of customer needs analysis and OPTeam`s strategy of development. That is why OPTeam offers top quality solutions and products trying to ensure price competitiveness at the same time.

Business area: Poland
Partnership with WEBCON: since 2010

The company is a highly experienced integrator of telco solutions, including implementations of: 
  • data security policy (backups, archiving, matrixes), accesing the Internet and power supply,
  • Data Centers,
  • system software and business applications
  • networks (LAN, WAN, teletransmission systems),
The company has also its own training centre (MS Learning Solutions).
A very important element of the OPTeam offer are implementations of integrated ERP systems. The company specializes in projects for medium and large companies. On the basis of recognized products OPTeam built its own original solutions that allow for an effective project implementation, particularly in manufacturing and construction companies. The number of companies with ERP system implemented by OPTeam has exceeded 120, including companies from Germany and Ukraine.
ArchiDoc S.A.
02-235 Warszawa, Równoległa 4a, Poland
tel. +48 22 595 40 45
fax +48 32 721 99 59

ArchiDoc S.A.

ArchiDoc (part of OEX Group) is a leading provider of business services related to document and back office management in Poland. The company has been founded in 1994.

Business area: Poland
Partnership with WEBCON: since 2013

The company offers comprehensive information flow services including:
  • correspondence handling
  • scanning and archiving
  •  registration of data in client’s systems
  • archiving of paper document
  • electronic document management
  • HR and payroll
ArchiDoc ensures complex handling of back-office services based on modern IT technology, including DMS, BPM and helpdesk solution. The company also offers dedicated systems for specific industries.
02-801 Warsaw, Pulawska 435 A
tel. +48 22 295 02 50


XPLUS is one of the biggest Microsoft Partners in Poland being on the market for over 12 years. The company provides business consulting, implementation of advanced IT systems and software development. Methods used by XPLUS result in significant organizational improvement as well as increase of quality indicators.

Business area: Poland
Partnership with WEBCON: since 2013

XPLUS offers comprehensive IT solutions improving management over organization. Besides WEBCON Business Process Suite, the offer include:
  • Microsoft Dynamics AX
  • Microsoft Dynamics CRM
  • SharePoint
  • EPM
  • QlikView

Company's offerings include system's implementation based on proven Microsoft Sure Step methodology which combines experience resulting from many years of IT solution implementation with European standards.
XPLUS is also:
  • a company listed on NewConnect market
  • a comprehensive approach: consulting, design, implementation, support
  • certified implementation team
  • tens of specialists with Prince, Microsoft, PMI certificates
  • individal approach
  • services (audits, trainings, consultancy
  • member of Microsoft Dynamics President’s Club
  • Gold Microsoft Partner
  • 2012 Microsoft Dynamics Partner
7Technology Sp. z o.o.
ul. Królowej Jadwigi 6, 63-900 Rawicz
tel. +48 65 547 70 90

7Technology Sp. z o.o.

7Technology employs over 50 specialists with more than 15 years of experience in carrying out IT projects, both on domestic and foreign markets.

Business area: Poland
Partnership with WEBCON: since 2014

Since the very beginning of its existence, 7technology has been focused on implementation of ERP, MES solutions as well as on IT outsourcing. Recently the offering has been broadened with BPMS and technological services.
7technology works with clients in Germany, Ukraine and Poland. Based on proven solutions, the company developed unique competences that efficently respond to clients business and technology requirements.
Arcus Systemy Informatyczne Sp. z o. o.
ul. Wojciechowska 9a, 20-704 Lublin Poland
tel. +48 81 452 16 00
fax +48 81 452 16 01

Arcus SI

Arcus Information Systems is a supplier, producer and integrator of information system business solutions. They have 20 years of experience in delivering infrastructure and solutions to both enterprises and public solutions. The comapny combine novel technology with tried and tested IT tools to provide the highest quality of service for their clients.

Business area: Poland
Partnership with WEBCON: since 2016

Arcus SI belongs to Arcus Group. Arcus Group has been active on the Polish market since 1996. They are one of the largest providers of intelligent solutions and integrated systems for document and mass correspondence management on the market. Arcus SI specializes in implementing advanced ERP and BPM technologies for both public-sector entities and commercial companies.
Arcus SI provides solutions for:

- Colleges and universities
- Public institutions
- Hospitals
- Towns
- Service businesses
- Manufacturing companies
Nexpertis sp. z o.o.
ul. Obrzeżna 5, 02-691 Warszawa
tel. +48 58 380 11 77


Nexpertis is a company from Warsaw (with a competence center in Sopot) that provides IT services to organizations conscious of their needs. First and foremost, they are tight-knit team of specialists and engineers, who masterfully employ information technology to optimize business processes. Nexpertis provides the whole package, from analysis and design all the way to implementation, maintenance and expansion.

Business area: Poland
Partnership with WEBCON: since 2016

Nexpertis specializes in implementing solutions based on Microsoft SharePoint platform, BPM and CRM systems, as well project portfolio management. They also provide consulting and analytical services that aim to improve the efficiency of specific solutions and to develop good practices.
Nexpertis values:
  • Business first – the company optimize processes with our client’s business and measurable benefits in mind.
  • Tech balance – Technology is just one of many tools, Nexpertis will use it wherever its worthwhile.
  • Micro-innovation – Nexpertis believe in small everyday innovations that add up to considerable progress.
  • Cooperate to success – When employees get involved with a client, they become part of their team.
Sii Sp. z o.o
al. Niepodległości 69 02-626 Warszawa
tel. 22 486 37 37


Sii is an international company employing 2300 engineers. It has been delivering products and services optimising IT solutions and business processes for years now. Sii assists its clients in developing existing software and managing infrastructure as well as offers training courses for external engineers. Sii’s clients are, among others: Eden, mLeasing, Orange, Bombardier, X-kom and Fresenius. Polish team built around SharePoint is composed of 40 experts working in 8 locations.
Business area: Poland
Partnership with WEBCON: since 2016

“What WEBCON and Sii have in common is expertise and knowledge of SharePoint. For years, Sii has been specialising in delivering solutions based on this platform, and I believe WEBCON BPS will significantly increase our competitive strength in this regard. It will definitely support us in modelling  business processes.”
                                                                                              Michał Kopczyński, SharePoint Practice Manager
Sii provides the following services based on SharePoint:
  • Custom solutions
  • Platform implementation
  • Migration do cloud
  • Consulting
  • Migrations to new versions
  • Trainings
  • Business processes and workflow automation
  • Business Inteligence
ul. St.Bohdanowicza 21/57, 02-127 Warszawa
tel. +48 796 683 575


Predica, a provider of strategic IT consulting services, is one of Microsoft’s most recognized technological partners (a Gold Partner) in Central Europe.
The company has been operating on the international IT services market since 2009, and focuses on implementation of technology and business consulting in the field of IT security (IAM, FIM/MIM, PKI, ADFS, EMS), efficiency of systems and processes (Office 365, SharePoint, EPM), management of client relations, and cloud technology (Azure).
We cooperate in the automation of key business processes in companies and organizations from various sectors, including telecommunications, construction, insurance, and energy. 

Business area: Poland
Partnership with WEBCON: since 2016

To date, Predica has completed over 600 projects in 18 countries, in collaboration with top specialists in each field. Predica is a Microsoft Certified Professional, and has been named Microsoft Most Valuable Professional 4 times – a testament to the competencies of its team.
“Applications for the automation and optimization of business processes are a key element of IT solutions for labor productivity. After considering several solutions available on the market, we chose WEBCON, not only because of the positive feedback from their customers, but above all due to its comprehensiveness and ease of implementation. We are looking forward to working with WEBCON in an effort to perfect our own solutions, and fully satisfy the needs and expectations of our current and future clients.”
-Paweł Hołdak, Head of SharePoint Intranet & Business Processes Unit at Predica
DahliaMatic Sp. z o.o., 02-460 Warszawa
ul. Gottlieba Daimlera 2
tel. tel. + 48 22 440 27 27
fax fax +48 22 440 27 28


DahliaMatic provides its customers with products and professional IT services, including the scope of ERP systems implementations. Their main advantage is both experience and expertise knowledge in the field of implementation of the world’s leading ERP systems for large and medium-sized enterprises. 

Business area: Poland
Partnership with WEBCON: since 2016

The company employs over 200 specialists and offers consulting and implementation services in the area of SAP, Oracle and Microsoft Dynamics AX solutions, taking into account the specific needs and nature of their customers.
Konica Minolta Business Solutions Poland
ul. Muszkieterów 15
02-273 Warszawa
tel. +48 (22) 560 33 00

Konica Minolta

Konica Minolta is a global provider of IT solutions and services, which optimize business processes related to document management. The company specializes in business consulting and offers a number of world’s top class printing systems. 

Business area: Poland
Partnership with WEBCON: since 2017

To provide comprehensive approach to document processing, Konica Minolta constantly expands its offer related to advanced document management. 
Flexibility and full scalability of the solutions ensures their adaptability to the needs of an organization, and enables serviceability at every stage of the document workflow, from scanning, to processing, to archiving.
CGI Information Systems and Management Consultants Sp. z o.o.
ul. Królewska 16,
00-103 Warszawa

CGI Central Europe

CGI is a part of the CGI Group, one of the largest independent IT organizations, and a leading IT consulting company in the Polish market. In Poland, CGI provides services in the area of IT strategies, liasoning between IT and business, change management, IT architecture, and IT project and cost management.

Business area: Poland
Partnership with WEBCON: since 2017

The company has developed close relationships with top Polish players in the telecom, media and finance sector, as well as manufacturing, trade and distribution. 
Among CGI’s clients are also public service providers, including telecom and digital service operators, banks or energy suppliers.
APN Promise S.A.
Domaniewska 44a
02-672 Warszawa
tel. +48 22 355 16 00

APN Promise

APN PROMISE is an IT service provider for medium and large enterprises, public administration, education institutions and healthcare.

Business area: Poland
Partnership with WEBCON: since 2017

The company offers solutions built on third-party software and hardware, as well as tailor-made services. APN PROMISE specializes in providing solutions for core Infrastructure,
IT service management, business productivity, power BI and data center management. The company is a Licensing Solution Provider of Microsoft.