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Metis NET Inc.
Ariake 3-Chome 7-26, Ariake Frontier Building, Tower B, 9 Fl. Koto-ku, Tokyo Japan
tel. (+81) 080-6657-1470

Metis NET Inc.

Metis NET was founded at the beginning 2015, but based on many years of experience in operational work using the newest technologies. The company's mission is to improve business processes and preparing tools to facilitate the daily work.

Business area: Japan
Partnership with WEBCON: since 2015

The whole experience gained in information projects is used to seek solutions and tools based on Microsoft products that can help to optimization of everyday business processes and integrate information from various sources.
An important issue for the company is time to market. The dynamics of the business makes its needs are changing very quickly and the technology can not stand behind. Metis NET is always active in learning about new solutions and platforms that can improve the work of different institutions.