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Fredensborg Kongevej 56, 2980 Kokkedal (Copenhagen), Denmark
tel. +45 2616 7969


Atrendia, headquartered in Copenhagen, provides consultancy, training, and cutting edge software for organizations wishing to apply LEAN to their communications and information management. Our Partners includes Salient Communication, who specialize in writing as a business process to increase effectiveness and manage document-related risk. We are a part of the LSV Group, which is the only consulting firm in Scandinavia accredited and certified by the International Association for Six Sigma Certification (IASSC) and People Cert Group. Our strategic partner, Human Synergy , specializes in innovation, M&A and large project management. We have other partners in Spain, Sweden, Hong Kong, San Francisco, Connecticut and Texas.

Business area: Denmark
Partnership with WEBCON: since 2014

Organizations turn to Atrendia for expertise in addressing their need to:
  • Objectively measure the quality and quantity of internal communication and information handling
  • Reduce costs and increase profitability by better leveraging people, processes and tools, beginning with the mindset
  • Create a sharper focus on priorities and connecting core values in order to improve communication and streamline processes
Atrendia offers the following products and services including:
  • Executive coaching
  • Lean Email, Messaging and Document-Handling Management
  • Policies and guidelines ddevelopment and socialization
  • Lean Project Management (focused on stepping out of projects in order quickly evaluate needs and expectations)
  • Work/Life Balance and stress management
  • Team building

Atrendia has over 180 customers including six Fortune 100 Companies in Scandinavia, UK, USA, France, Spain, Holland and Belgium. We work with all branches and industries with an emphasis on knowledge workers, returning one to three hours of productivity per employee per day.

Atrendia has offices in Copenhagen (HQ), Malmö, Hong Kong, Barcelona, Connecticut and San Francisco.