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Is registering hundreds of invoices a day burdensome?
OCR in WEBCON BPS makes it easy!


Many document workflows begin the moment a document is registered in the system. So it is critically important how the system supports the digitization of traditional documents and how it copes with alternative channels of their influx. WEBCON Business Process Suite is a document management system which allows to:
  • manually sign a paper document using an ergonomic and intuitive interface equipped with a system of hints and tips
  • fully automate the process of scanning paper documents by using barcode marking
  • automatically register documents coming via e-mail, fax, or EDI (Electronic Document Interchange)
  • identify content of scanned documents using an advanced OCR mechanism to automatically fill in registration forms with metadata
The selection of the document registration mode between manual and automatic, assisted by OCR, depends on individual customer preferences and the number of documents that are registered each day.


Invoices sent by suppliers via e-mail, as well as faxed and scanned documents, can be automatically registered in WEBCON Business Process Suite. To make it possible, the system uses an advanced OCR mechanism based on the fuzzy logic.

In the first phase scanned document is subjected to the process of character recognition and indexation. As a result, in the second phase you can search for key words and phrases that are crucial during document registration. For invoices, such phrases include 'bank account number', 'payment date' or 'net amount'.

What is important is that from the system’s perspective it does not matter where the searched words or phrases appear in the document- so there is no need to adapt the algorithm to invoices with different layouts sent by various suppliers.

Recognized documents initiate workflow where they await for verification by users (e.g. for the front office support).

WEBCON Business Process Suite provides a clear and easy-to-use interface for the verification of documents recognized by the OCR Framework. User immediately sees where the recognized phrases are located in the scanned document. Additionally, the phrases which the system has not recognized with 100% certainty are marked red.

At any time it is possible to move the text of a document indicated by a user to the registration form by using the computer mouse. What is very important, the whole data recognition verification is performed by users in the Microsoft SharePoint interface - the same that is used in further work with the document.
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