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How BPM systems support
the manufacturing industry
Manufacturing is as much as an example of a process as anything – hence the phrase “chain of production”. Each of the stages can decide of the future success, or failure of an organization. The product-bearing manufacturing process is but a kernel wrapped up in a number of less pronounced, nevertheless crucial supportive processes, which call it to existence.

Faced with the Fourth Industrial Revolution, a 21st century manufacturer needs to have all assets working for them in unison. Thus, innovations, automation and state-of-the-art solutions need to step outside the realm of production and fuel not only the core business, but also the supportive processes of Industry 4.0.

With WEBCON BPS, several subsidiary companies can operate in unison between systems, departments and branches, for genuine integration, even more critical after merges and acquisitions. WEBCON BPS is a practical instrument that allows all other instruments of business in general, and your industry specifically, to connect for synergy.

For manufacturing, compliance and quality assurance are king. But how about minimizing potential failures and downtime, and streamlining development of new products? The reliable, versatile and user-friendly WEBCON platform provides manufacturing companies with industry-specific solutions that radically change their day-to-day operation for the better. 

With WEBCON BPS the time and money savings are tangible, and keep you abreast of the competition.
See how:

  • Operating instructions with archive – with WEBCON BPS, one of our clients ensures only the most up-to-date operating instructions are made available to employees, while the invalid ones are stored in the archive for reference
  • Product card – one of our clients streamlines their manufacturing procedure with a WEBCON BPS-based catalogue of all products, in which the latest updates are registered, allowing the swift introduction of model variations
  • Delivery truck monitoring – at one of our clients, a WEBCON BPS-based workflow keeps the record of all the incoming and dispatched trucks, and their cargo, preventing theft and embezzlement of goods
  • Non-compliance report – one of our clients monitors product compliance with WEBCON BPS at every stage of the manufacturing process: from production, to audit, suppliers and end users
  • Instant approval procedure – one of our clients facilitates their product launch procedure with an automatically compiled product index; it allows management’s instant approval of the introduced changes, and afterwards launches the manufacturing procedure
  • Non-VAT (flat-rate tax) contracting and payment processing – at some of our clients, their suppliers are not VAT tax payers, and collaboration with them requires a different payment settling framework, which is enabled by WEBCON BPS
  • Product tests – with some of our clients, in-depth compliance and quality tests are required, both for the existing and new merchandise. The results are processed in a flash, and then delivered in a clear and readable form using WEBCON BPS

In addition, WEBCON BPS allows manufacturing companies to excel by streamlining their departmental processes:
  • Invoice processing
  • Pricing
  • Payment approval
  • Debt recovery
  • Bank credit application & processing
  • Task management
  • Employee life cycle
  • Leave requests
  • Employee evaluation
  • New workflow ticketing
  • Troubleshooting
  • Equipment request
  • Correspondence processing
  • Omnichannel Customer Service Process
  • Document and correspondence management process
  • Fleet acquisition, management and disposal

See the manufacturers that have trusted WEBCON to take them to the next level of digital transformation.