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How BPM systems support
the food and beverage industry
As in similar manufacturing processes, the production of food and beverage is based on a sequence of stages; what makes this industry unique is the need of compliance with the strictest requirements related to health and safety issues.

Regulations that relate to each stage of food and manufacturing production and processing go literally in hundreds. WEBCON BPS has proven itself in handling the classic industry-specific challenge of monitoring the quality of every step of the process. It can handle processes related to not only the food commodities used, but the intermediate and the final product. The periodic control procedures of suppliers, of the premises itself, of the entire machine park and fleet and the staff can also be managed using WEBCON BPS, along with the related documentation.

What makes the food and beverage production unique, is the specifically determined “best before” date or storing requirements. WEBCON BPS handles the specific requirements for logistics and communication in the delivery chain effortlessly, ensuring swift and highly efficient freight of merchandise.

With WEBCON BPS all the components of the food and beverage manufacturing process work for, and not against you. Let automation and state-of-the-art solutions fuel not only your core business, but also the supportive processes of the 21st century.

See how WEBCON BPS allows tangible time and money savings, and keeps you abreast of the competition: 
  • Non-VAT (flat-rate tax) contracting and payment processing – at some of our clients, their suppliers are not VAT tax payers, and collaboration with them requires a different payment settling framework, which is enabled by WEBCON BPS
  • Product tests – with some of our clients, in-depth compliance and quality tests are required, both for the existing and new merchandise. The results are processed in a flash, and then delivered in a clear and readable form using WEBCON BPS
  • Cleanliness monitoring – one of our clients developed a workflow, which allows monitoring the cleanliness of tanker trucks by recording their washing cycles
  • Delivery truck monitoring – at one of our clients, a WEBCON BPS-based workflow keeps the record of all the incoming and dispatched trucks, and their cargo, preventing theft and embezzlement of goods

In addition, WEBCON BPS allows manufacturing companies to excel by streamlining their departmental processes:
  • Invoice processing
  • Pricing
  • Payment approval
  • Debt recovery
  • Bank credit application & processing
  • Task management
  • Employee life cycle
  • Leave requests
  • Employee evaluation
  • New workflow ticketing
  • Troubleshooting
  • Equipment request
  • Correspondence processing
  • Omnichannel Customer Service Process
  • Document and correspondence management process
  • Fleet acquisition, management and disposal

See the examples of the food and beverage producers who have trusted WEBCON to take them to the next level of digital transformation.