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How BPM systems support
the financial services industry
The ultimate challenge for the financial services industry is to balance the reactivity to the ever-changing environment with risk management and strict legal boundaries. As if that wasn’t enough, there is also the “problem child,” namely the phenomenon of disruptive finance, which challenges the status quo of the financial world. Many start-ups want to create new financial models – from crowdfunding, to peer-to-peer lending, to digital currencies – and their outcome is far from clear.

To lead in finance, you need a versatile BPM system that can handle multi-dimensional processes, and is intuitive and user friendly at the same time. By streamlining the flow of high-volume operations and enabling low-cost, agile decision-making, WEBCON BPS platform will take your organization through digital transformation. It will boost its agility, compliance and risk management, at the same time eliminating cost-generating redundancies in time and labor.

With WEBCON BPS, financial companies can easily create an unlimited range of industry-specific solutions that will radically optimize their day-to-day operation, like for instance:
  • Managing court cases - the core business of one of our clients requires due management of court cases, and a dedicated workflow allows them to keep track of the dates, people involved and all the related information.
  • OCR and document processing - with one of our clients, WEBCON BPS relieved them of literally piles of important documents that were threatened with mishandling.
  • Organizing and archiving documents - one of our clients uses WEBCON BPS to keep record of their vital company documents, to have them at hand any time.
  • Processing legal fees and bank transfers - a client of WEBCON uses our system to manage the flow of fees related to its core business.
  • Dispatching correspondence - the core business of one of our clients requires due management of correspondence, which they handle using a dedicated WEBCON BPS workflow.
  • Processing debt recovery process agreements - if debts are paid in full before the agreed dates, the fact needs to be duly noted and money dispatched accordingly. Our client uses a WEBCON BPS workflow to handle the process appropriately.
  • Leasing agreement processing - one of our clients uses WEBCON BPS to streamline and coordinate the verification, estimation and accepting terms of leasing contracts for their clients.

WEBCON BPS allows financial companies to provide top class services:
  • Invoice processing
  • Business trips
  • Internal accounting communication
  • Employee portal to manage HR-related requests
  • Managing remote workers
  • Attendance
  • New workflow ticketing
  • Troubleshooting
  • Equipment request
  • Problem register
  • Call center
  • Correspondence
  • Documentation & reporting
  • CRM
  • Car fleet management
See the examples of financial companies that have grown their business tangibly with WEBCON BPS.