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How BPM systems support
the education industry
With thousands of students and staff, as well as thousands of backstage processes running on a daily basis, education institutions require much more than efficient task and document management.

With WEBCON BPS, academic institutions can manage processes related to creating the education offer and curricula, as well as the recruitment and enrollment process for the students, and employment for the staff. Universities and colleges can also make their day-to-day internal operations work smoothly with administration, procurement and tender management workflows and applications created in WEBCON BPS.

WEBCON BPS becomes a single, comprehensive and integrated IT ecosystem, allowing academic institutions to support both the teaching process and the administrative tasks.

WEBCON BPS supports all types of schools, colleges and universities by managing such processes as:
  • Developing, verifying and changing student curricula
  • Approving class schedules and sending notifications to students
  • Processing funding/subsidy applications
  • Processing student applications
  • Foreign collaboration management
  • Managing R&D projects
  • Managing the scientific achievements of the academic staff
  • Managing academic conferences and seminars
  • Managing procurement and tenders
  • Processing enrollment for programs and courses

With WEBCON BPS, other backstage processes are also supported. See examples:
  • Document and correspondence management process
  • Investment planning, approval, management & monitoring
  • Debt recovery
  • Acceptance processing
  • Business trips
  • Managing fixed assets
  • Cash flow approval
  • Invoice processing
  • Internal accounting communication
  • Attendance
  • Leave requests
  • Managing employee lifecycle
  • Perks and bonuses
  • Retirement plans
  • Access management
  • IT hardware/software/license ordering process

See the academic institutions that have made WEBCON their partner in digital transformation.