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Processes related to the various aspects of retail and e-commerce go literally in hundreds. The flywheel of the sector is customer service, which needs to be top-class, regardless of the merchandise.

With WEBCON BPS-based workflows, retail companies can operate in unison between systems, departments and branches, for genuine integration. The system handles processes related to retail and e-commerce in their entirety, with the focus on cost-efficiency and customer satisfaction. With back office process automation and streamlined management in place, this is a realistic scenario, and not just a promise.

With WEBCON BPS, the companies in the retail sector can create any context-specific workflow, which radically changes their day-to-day operation for the better, for example:
  • Opening new shops – one of WEBCON’s clients streamlines the process of opening new facilities in shopping centers, from negotiating with the facility operator, to designing and realizing its layout, to stocking the goods and recruiting the staff, and finally, to the grand opening.
  • Employee turnover – a client tackles the challenge of managing human resources using WEBCON BPS workflows. They allow them to keep track of e.g. lay-offs, new hires and absences.
  • Mystery shopping – one of our clients monitors the quality of their service using WEBCON BPS to process the standard assessment cards filled in by the contracted mystery shoppers
  • Ticket processing optimization – one of our clients uses WEBCON BPS to optimize the processing of customer claims and requests, with regard to their type, importance and time of submission, to maintain the high level of customer satisfaction
  • Takings control – in retail, the daily turnover comprises a vast number of fairly small transactions; one of our clients uses a WEBCON BPS-based workflow to monitor and account for the daily takings in their shops
  • Internal knowledge database – one retailer uses WEBCON BPS to manage all the company information and resources needed for the day-to-day customer service
  • Invoice processing (all types)
  • Pricing
  • Payment approval
  • Debt recovery
  • Bank credit application & processing
  • Business trips with a complex cost acceptance procedure
  • Task management
  • Employee life cycle
  • Leave requests
  • Employee evaluation
  • New workflow ticketing
  • Troubleshooting
  • Equipment request
  • Correspondence processing
  • Omnichannel Customer Service Process
  • Document and correspondence management process
  • Fleet acquisition, management and disposal

For retail chains, which have trusted WEBCON to take them to the next level of digital transformation, see below:

  • Everything
Haddad Apparel Group

Haddad Apparel Group

Haddad Brands is the global children’s apparel and accessories licensing partner for the most iconic brands in the world, Nike, Levi’s® Brand, Jordan, and Converse. Company directly cooperates with manufacturers from around the world, including: Turkey, Kenya, Indonesia, Bangladesh, Thailand, China and Korea.

Haddad Brands cooperate with WEBCON since 2006 and uses WEBCON Business Process Suite to optimize internal communication, helpdesk and document management.


LPP S.A. is the biggest and most successful clothing company in Eastern and Central Europe. Since 1995 it designs and distributes clothing in Poland and 12 European countries. Currently the company owns following brands: Reserved, Cropp, House, Mohito, Sinsay and Promostars and distribution network of over 1000 stores.

WEBCON Business Process Suite supports key financial and human resources processes in LPP S.A. Additionally, implemented data warehouse helps to make strategic decisions regarding the company.


Born out of the passion for sport, OTCF is the owner of sportswear and equipment brands 4F, Outhorn and 4Faces, dedicated to both recreational and professional sport. Its trademark is the combination of quality, technology and trendy fabrics with modern design. OTCF is the official designer and provider of sportswear for the Polish Olympic Committee, as well as a number of national sports associations.

OTCF has been using WEBCON BPS since 2015. The system optimizes the following workflows: document archive, legal document ticketing, cost invoice, purchase, leave requests, contractor verification. 
Marketing Investment Group

Marketing Investment Group

Marketing Investment Group (MIG) is the leader on Polish shoe retail market. It owns the biggest multibrand chain store – Sizeer, outlet brand 50 Style, clothing stores Timberland and is also an exclusive distributor of brands such as Lacoste, Umbro and Bench.

WEBCON implemented processes such as: client request handling, purchase order, requisition, document management along with KPI and comprehensive reporting.


INTERSPORT is an international corporation and the biggest provider in the sporting goods retail market. INTERSPORT provides vast offer of many brands, like Adidas, ASICS, ATOMIC or Nike.

Its Polish branch uses WEBCON Business Process to automate invoice processing, merchandise management and transfer orders. With WEBCON BPS INTERSPORT can effectively realize "paperless office" approach.


Ramsat is the biggest Polish partner of Orange, offering its products and services. Company has been founded in 1997 and nowadays owns over 180 stores all over the Poland.

Ramsat S.A. uses WEBCON Business Process Suite since 2011. The system is being used to automate business processes such as: cost invoice, business trips, purchase procedure.


Solar is a clothing brand founded in Poland in 1989. The company produces over 1,3 million pieces of tailored clothing, designed in accordance with latest trends and made with the best quality materials. Solar’s headquarter is located in Poznan and all the clothes are also designed here. Solar owns 78 retail outlets, 14 franchise shops and 96 partner stores. The company also have its stores in Germany, Russia, Slovakia, Great Britain, Lithuania and Ukraine.

Solar uses WEBCON software to optimize mystery shopping and several internal processes.


Answear.com is first Polish multi-brand shop offering huge range of brands from all over the world. Company was founded in 2010 and is still increasing the number of stores. All orders made online are realized within 24 hours.

WEBCON provided dedicated solutions to meet Answear’s specific business requirements (collection, goods, and orders management process).


Bytom S.A. was established in Poland in 1945. It’s one of the biggest firm in men’s clothing industry. Nowadays Bytom S.A. owns 76 stores in Poland, but the brand is also recognizable in USA, Great Britain, Germany, Italy and France.