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Faced with the Fourth Industrial Revolution, a 21st century manufacturer needs to have all assets working for them in unison. Thus, innovations, automation and state-of-the-art solutions need to step outside the realm of production and fuel not only the core business, but also the supportive processes. Learn more how BPM systems support the manufacturing industry.
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Mitsubishi Electric Learn more »

Mitsubishi Electric

Mitsubishi Electric is one of the world's leading manufacturers of electrical engineering and electronics products.

The company is active in over 120 countries in aerospace, semiconductors, power generation and distribution, communications and information technology, consumer electronics, industrial automation and building services.
FEIN Learn more »


FEIN manufactures professional and extremely reliable power tools and special application solutions in the metal, interior and automotive sectors. As the inventor of the electric hand drilling machine, FEIN has been developing innovative and unbeatably efficient solutions for everyday use by industry and manual trades for 150 years. FEIN markets its products through 20 international subsidiaries and more than 50 representations around the globe. The company has 900 employees, 530 of whom work in Germany and holds more than 800 active industrial property rights, including around 500 patents and patent applications.
Nowy Styl Group Learn more »

Nowy Styl Group

The Nowy Styl Group is one of the fastest growing furniture groups which sells its products all over the world. The group is currently a European leader and one of the world’s largest producers of office furniture and multi-purpose chairs. The company has already produced nearly 60 million chairs while employing nearly 5,700 people. The sales network reaches customers on six continents, in 60 countries and the company’s departments are located in 12 countries across the globe.
Mettler Toledo Learn more »

Mettler Toledo

METTLER TOLEDO is a global manufacturer and marketer of precision instruments for use in laboratory, industrial and food retailing applications. The Company has strong worldwide leadership positions. A significant majority of its instrument sales are in segments in which METTLER TOLEDO is a global leader.
The company is focused on the high value-added segments of the markets by providing innovative instruments that often integrate various technologies including application-specific solutions for customers.
Cersanit S.A. Learn more »

Cersanit S.A.

Cersanit S.A. (formerly Rovese S.A.) is one of the leading manufacturing companies with Polish capital share in the European market. The Group’s primary business involves manufacturing and distribution of products used to finish and equip bathrooms (ceramic tiles, sanitary ceramic products, shower trays, shower cubicles, acrylic bathtubs, bathroom furniture and bathroom accessories).

The main direction of foreign sales expansion is Eastern European markets (Russia, Ukraine) and EU Member State markets (e.g. Germany, Latvia, Estonia, Romania, the Czech Republic, Lithuania, Slovakia, Hungary, Bulgaria, France, Sweden, Great Britain, Ireland and Denmark).
Solimoisture Learn more »


Soilmoisture (Santa Barbara, CA) – a company with over 60 years of experience in the industry, felt it’s the right time to introduce internally a new IT solution that would enhance execution of day-to-day tasks. The priority was to find a system with broad capabilities that would combine quick delivery of business applications with easy change management. The company chose WEBCON BPS.  
Oknoplast Learn more »


OKNOPLAST is a Polish manufacturer of PVC windows and doors, operating in 13 countries, via a network of over 2500 partner. Both the company, and its products, have received numerous national and international certificates and awards.
The OKNOPLAST Group is OKNOPLAST, WnD and Aluhaus, delivering a diversified, tailor-made product offer.

Oknoplast launched collaboration with WEBCON in 2016, by implementing a cost and purchase invoice workflow.

Air Liquide Poland Learn more »

Air Liquide Poland

Air Liquide Group is present in Poland since 1995. The company became an advanced key producer and distributor of gases for industry and health.

Having three production facilities in Poland (located in Dabrowa Gornicza, Krakow and Pulawy), AirLiquide manufactures hydrogen, oxygen, nitrogen, argon in a liquid form.
Barlinek Learn more »


The Barlinek Group is worldwide known manufacturer of layered wood floors.

The Group also produces certified flooring for sporting facilities, skirting boards and high quality wood biofuels. Company is well-known as the greenest company in the industry due to constant modernisation of their production facilities and investments in modern technology.
CETIS Learn more »


Cetis is Slovenia’s leading producer of security and commercially printed items, such as packaging, business communication systems, lottery tickets and documents. The group consists of subsidiaries located in Croatia, Serbia, Macedonia and Hungary.

As a strategic partner and provider, Cetis’ focus is on confidence, secure data management and integrated solutions by applying state-of-the-art technology, always with high environmental consciousness.
TOPEX Learn more »


Topex is a company offering consumers a wide array of tools and power tools, and is one of the biggest players on the central-eastern European market. Currently, Topex's portfolio already contains 7 brands and a catalogue of close to 5000 products, which can be found in 40 countries around the globe. Grupa Topex decided to implement WEBCON BPS in order to optimize internal financial processes
CRIST S.A. Learn more »


CRIST has always been active in the field of shipbuilding, steel constructions and ship-repairs. The company specialize in: shipbuilding, offshore constructions, steel structures, sea engineering, civil engineering.