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The greatest concern of the energy and utilities industry is its reliability, quality customer service and compliance. Providers need to ensure their services are provided 24/7, and to their customers’ highest satisfaction. Learn more how BPM systems support the energy & utilities industry.
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Rohöl-AufsuchungsAktiengesellschaft (RAG) Learn more »

Aktiengesellschaft (RAG)

Rohöl-Aufsuchungs Aktiengesellschaft (RAG) is the oldest established exploration, production and gas storage company in Austria, dating back to 1935. Their main areas of business operations are oil and natural gas exploration, production and trading, as well as gas storage.

RAG also provides other services closely related to their core business, such as drilling operations and projects focused on renewables.

RAG launched collaboration with WEBCON in 2017.
TAURON GROUP Learn more »


TAURON Group is one of the largest companies in Central Europe, with 28 thousand employees and equity worth 18billion PLN. The main businesses of the TAURON Group lays in hard coal mining, generation, distribution and supply of electricity and heat.

The holding is an important supplier of over 45 TWh of electricity to more than 5.3 million customers per year which makes it the largest distributor and supplier of electricity in Poland.
EDF Poland Learn more »

EDF Poland

EDF (Électricité de France) Group is one of the largest electricity providers worldwide with companies located in Europe, North America, South America, Asia, Africa and Middle East.

EDF is present in Poland since 1993 and has become the largest foreign investor in the electricity and heat generation sector in Poland. EDF Poland is responsible for 15% of heating market and 10% of electricty market in Poland.
ABO Wind Learn more »

ABO Wind

ABO Wind is one of Europe’s most experienced wind energy developers. Originating in Germany, ABO Wind now has subsidiaries in France, Iran, Ireland, United Kingdom, Finland, Spain and Argentina. ABO Wind initiates wind farm projects, acquires sites, organizes all technical and business planning, arranges international bank financing and delivers turnkey wind farms. ABO Wind also offers operational management as well as maintenance and services for wind turbines. The company has connected a total of more than 1,300 megawatts of installed capacity to the grid.
ENERGA Learn more »


ENERGA Group is one of the biggest energy providers in Poland with nearly 3 million customers. The company's main area of business includes distribution, production and trade of electric and heat energy.

Whole Group owns 57 production facilities, including 47 waterplants which makes it one of the most eco-friendly energy producers in Poland. Energa Group employes 10 000 employees.

WEBCON BPS is being used as a comprehensive tool for huge volumes of documents and client requests as well as for optimization of internal business processes.
GPEC Learn more »


GPEC (Gdańskie Przedsiębiorstwo Energetyki Cieplnej) is a leading provider of energy in Northern Poland. The company’s main area of business include distribution and production of heat and electricity. The history of GPEC dates back to 1960, and the company is constantly growing.
PGE Elektrownia Opole Learn more »

PGE Elektrownia Opole

Capital Group PGE is the biggest company in electric and energy sector and also one of the biggest in Central and Eastern Europe.

Currently, PGE is providing electric energy to more than 5 million clients.
EuroEnergia Learn more »


EuroEnergia became one of the leading outsourcing companies specializing in electric energy management. Company was founded in 2004 and nowadays has more than 10 000 clients in Poland
NAFTOPORT Learn more »


Naftoport Oil Terminal performs transshipments of crude oil and refined oil products in Gdansk. The strategic clients are the Polish and foreign consortiums.

Naftoport Oil Terminal is a crucial part of the petroleum supply logistics chain for Polish and German refineries and also a transit of crude oil from Russia and Kazakhstan to the ports of Western Europe, USA and Far East.
POLENERGIA S.A. Learn more »


Polenergia is the first Polish private group in energy & utilities industry. It was made up of vertically integrated companies working in the area of power generation from conventional and renewable resources, as well as distribution and trade of electric energy.

Implementation of WEBCON BPS was made by our partner XPLUS SA in 2016, focusing on document workflow optimization and invoice approval.