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With thousands of students and staff, as well as thousands of backstage processes running on a daily basis, education institutions require much more than efficient task and document management. Learn more how BPM systems support the academic institutions.
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Collegium Civitas Learn more »

Collegium Civitas

Collegium Civitas is a modern non-state university located in Warsaw.
Experience and commitment of its founders and faculty members have earned them a reputation of the best place to study international, social and political science in English. Collegium Civitas is entitled to award BA, MA and PhD in a rich variety of programs.
Since the last few years the university always has been ranked at the top of the table among non-state universities. 
Rzeszow University of Technology Learn more »

Rzeszow University of Technology

Named after inventor Ignacy Lukasiewicz, Rzeszow University of Technology is the oldest, and only technical university in southeastern Poland. It runs 25 major and bachelor courses in 6 faculties for approx. 17,000 students. The university is famous for its specialization in aviation; it educates both pilots and aviation engineers.

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University of Rzeszow Learn more »

University of Rzeszow

The university has operated since 2001, with 11 faculties and 45 major and bachelor courses for approx. 20,000 students. The university cooperates with a total of 61 other universities and colleges, both Polish and foreign. It is a center of not only science, but also innovation. Due to its geographical location, the university plays an important role in inter-cultural and cross-border cooperation.

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Opole University of Technology Learn more »

Opole University of Technology

Opole University of Technology is a regionally leading high-tech university. It provides education to approx. 10,000 students, mostly in the area of technical science but also in the fields of management, tourism, sport and physiotherapy. The university cooperate with partners from Europe, Americas and Asia, specializing in the promotion of Chinese culture and language.

The university has been using WEBCON BPS since 2014.
Wroclaw University ofEnvironmental and Life Sciences Learn more »

Wroclaw University of
Environmental and Life Sciences

Wroclaw University of Environmental and Life Sciences offers state-of-the-art, specialist education in life sciences and engineering for approx.. 10,000 students, in 5 faculties. Three of the university’s faculties comprise the Wroclaw Centre of Biotechnology, which is one of KNOW centers (Krajowy Naukowy Ośrodek Wiodący, Leading National Science Centre).

The university has been using WEBCON BPS since 2015.