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In the modern construction market, a construction company needs to be agile enough to operate in two business models. It needs to act as the general contractor, managing the subcontractors, or be a sub-contractor, using its own assets and workforce, depending on the current business situation. Many construction companies often struggle to find an equally agile IT system, capable of handling their numerous task-related processes.

With WEBCON BPS, your company can easily manage the full scope of tender offers and finalized contracts, both as general contractor and subcontractor. The system integrates easily with various specialized systems and computer programs used in the process of construction. As a result, WEBCON BPS allows smart and agile project management and document processing, including project protocols, material stock and demand, invoicing, NDAs, progress and acceptance reports and many others. With WEBCON BPS, building contractors can also manage their HR-related processes and documentation.

For the list of industry-specific processes used by our clients, see below:
  • Shuttering rental – one of our clients uses WEBCON BPS to process rental requests, monitoring the technical condition and number of rented items at returning them to the renting organization.
  • Non-VAT (flat-rate tax) contracting and payment processing – at some of our clients, their suppliers are not VAT taxpayers, and collaboration with them requires a different payment settling framework, which is enabled by WEBCON BPS.
  • Warranty management – one of our clients, a major player in the national construction market, uses WEBCON BPS to manage suppliers’ warranty contracts, and is able to smoothly account for the complex financial procedure related construction warranties. 

In addition, WEBCON BPS allows manufacturing companies to excel by streamlining their departmental processes:
  • Invoice processing merged with contract processing
  • Pricing
  • Payment approval
  • Debt recovery
  • Bank credit application & processing
  • Task management
  • Employee life cycle
  • Leave requests
  • Employee evaluation
  • New workflow ticketing
  • Troubleshooting
  • Equipment request
  • Correspondence processing
  • Document and correspondence management process
  • Fleet acquisition, management and disposal

The following manufacturers have trusted WEBCON to take them to the next level of digital transformation:
  • Everything
Bilfinger Industrial Services

Bilfinger Industrial Services

Bilfinger Poland is a part of an international group Bilfinger. The company operates the power plants, infrastructure facilities, industrial facilities, power facilities and real estates. The company provides comprehensive services in the field of maintenance, repairs, investment and modernization projects.

Bilfinger uses WEBCON BPS for project budgeting, cost invoice approval and several other workflows.
Warbud S.A.

Warbud S.A.

Warbud is a one of Poland’s largest construction company, operating in the market since 1989,  employing more than 1,000 people. The company has completed over 470 building projects both residential and commercial.
The Warbud’s leading shareholder is VINCI Construction, the largest French company in the construction and public works sector. It is a key player in the construction market worldwide and one of the world’s largest concerns in the field of construction and related services.
Warbud has received numerous prizes and awards in various competitions and rankings.  The company is rewarded, in particular, for special achievements and position in the construction industry, its reliability in business, innovation, project solutions, as well as for its social activity.


SIG Ltd is a part of international concern SIG plc which is a leading distributor of specialist building materials and building systems. Company was established over 50 years ago in Great Britain. SIG plc has its divisions all over Europe.

Polish division uses WEBCON BPS for invoice and order management process.


ATTIC was established in 1991 and nowadays is a leader in building material market in the region.

WEBCON delivered WEBCON Business Process Suite to optimize internal workflow as well as provided intranet.


Grudnik Ltd is a Polish company founded in 1989 in Cracow and is one of the leaders in sanitary plumbing and heating section in Poland.
Buma Service

Buma Service

Buma Service belongs to the Buma Group company and specializes in a comprehensive real estate management.
The Buma Group unites companies cooperating in office and housing development, comprehensive property management, General Contracting of Elevation and General Contracting of Projects. The Buma Group is a leader of the Krakow office building market, including managing such investments as Buma Square Business Park, Rondo Business Park, Green Office, Quattro Business Park. In 20 years, it has erected office buildings with over 150,000 m2 of lettable space.