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Who we are and what we do?
Learn more about WEBCON

WEBCON is a self-founded company that since 2006 develops a world-class Business Process Management / Rapid Application Development (BPM/RAD) system for SharePoint called WEBCON Business Process Suite. Over the years, WEBCON became a leader in BPM and document management in Poland and received multiple awards, including European SharePoint Community’s “Best SharePoint Solution”.
WEBCON BPS is the ultimate business process management platform that allows to rapidly create and manage dozens of business applications. One of the biggest advantages provided by our product lays in quickness of delivery of business applications which takes days instead of months. It is all possible due to a unique workflow engine allowing to introduce on-the-fly changes, even in ongoing processes. At the same time scalability and performance of the solution allow handling tens of thousands of end users, millions of documents and tasks per month.

Mr. Jacek Kujawa, Vice President of LPP S.A., the biggest clothing manufacturer in Central and Eastern Europe and WEBCON’s long-term client, very accurately summarized the concept and benefits of WEBCON BPS implementation:
The Role of WEBCON BPS is to help with constant process optimization in our company. The real added value generated by the system is the fact how quickly can we improve critical business processes. We have a solution tailored to our organization as in the case of turnkey projects, and at the same time it’s manageable, easy to develop and modify in the future. Thus cost attractive and offering high Return on Investment (ROI).

However the technological prowess is not the only factor that makes WEBCON a trusted and reliable business partner. It’s also the people. The core of WEBCON is a group of highly qualified specialists who for many years have been involved in designing and implementation Business Processes Management and Document Management systems. As a team we also have extensive experience in designing and implementing ERP and Business Intelligence solutions. Such skillset and experience allow us to effectively respond to our clients’ business needs. WEBCON Business Process Suite is being used by industry leaders in Poland and worldwide, across multiple industries. The clients include:
The WEBCON BPS is being used by the biggest Polish and international companies.

Technological capabilities of our software and testimonials of our clients allowed us to start building a partnership network in 2012. It now brings together companies with the highest business and IT competences in area of business optimization and automation.