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  • WEBCON BPS, no-code enterprise Rapid Application Development platform for SharePoint
    Rapidly deliver
    BPM applications that users love
    powered by InstantChange™ technology


no-code application delivery platform for Microsoft SharePoint

WEBCON BPS is a Rapid Application Development (RAD) platform that allows to easily digitalize your organization, standardize and automate business processes. Get rid of paper and coordinate tasks across departments and borders.

WEBCON BPS turns IT departments into superheroes delivering an endless possibility of business applications. Top management is given the freedom to execute decisions immediately. Business users have a single digital workplace with easy access to tasks and information. 

InstantChange™ technology allows to unleash your creativity and turn ideas into advanced BPM applications. No coding, no deploying, no waiting.​ Just drag & drop, hit 'save' and watch users fall in love.
Experience the ultimate business management platform
business benefits
Imagine delivering applications as your business needs them without time and resource limitations.

InstantChange technology allows you to create four times more applications within the same time and budget. It means that our clients do not have to think if they can afford to build an application. They just do it and start benefiting from the very next day.

This is what takes your organization to the next level
business benefits


anytime and anywhere

WEBCON BPS has been voted The Best SharePoint Solution by our clients, partners and members of the European SharePoint Community.

See our client’s testimonials to understand why they have given our platform a sky-high Net Promoter Score (NPS) of 89 when asked "would you recommend WEBCON BPS to your friend".

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